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McLaren Northern Michigan Receives NAFA Clean Air Award


Koch Filter is pleased to announce that McLaren Northern Michigan is the recipient of the 2016 National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) Clean Air Award.


The award is given to a facility that takes steps to significantly improve the quality of their indoor air by increasing the level of efficiency of their HVAC air filtration system in 10 specific categories.


Candidates must submit detailed and specific steps taken towards cleaning the indoor environment through improved air filtration and system hygiene. Larry Krass, Koch Filter NAFA certified air filter specialist, nominated McLaren and conducted on-site inspections as part of the process.


Since McLaren was a new hospital for Koch Filter, an on-site inspection is always recommended to ensure the facility is taking advantage of the best practices. Performing a standard inspection of gaskets and filter functionality, Larry Krass completed the hospital survey and submitted a list of corrective actions to hospital maintenance. One of the greatest changes made was upgrading the filter performance levels of the emergency room units from MERV 8 to MERV 11, which added another level of protection to a critical area of the hospital.


Other changes included the elimination of standard bag filters. Koch Filter DuraMAX 2v minipleat v-bank filters were installed in their place. This change provided two benefits to performance. First, the DuraMAX 2v carries a MERV 15 performance rating, which increased filter efficiency from 80% to 98%. This translated into a higher level of filtration. Second, a standard 24"x24"x12" DuraMAX utilizes 106 square feet of media, compared to 28 square feet of media for the same size bag filter that was currently in use. The DuraMAX 2v minipleat filter also provided two additional savings. The DuraMAX is completely incinerable, which saves on disposal costs. More importantly, the superior dust holding properties reduced the scheduled final filter change out frequency from two times a year to only one. This offered McLaren an immediate savings of $15,000, by way of less inventory, labor, and unit downtime.


While total cost of ownership was important to McLaren, indoor air quality was also an important concern. On air intake units, Larry recommended the changeover from standard pleated filters to a high moisture alternative, Koch Filter’s Maxi-Grid panel filter. Due to the high moisture content of the incoming air, the pleated filters were more susceptible to a break down in media integrity as well as promote the growth of bacteria. The Maxi-Grid internally supported panel filters offer the same MERV 8 performance found in the pleated prefilter. Additionally the internal wire support ensures that the Maxi-Grid will maintain its shape, even in wet conditions. Most importantly, the synthetic media does not allow for moisture wicking, which will not pro mote bacteria growth.


As part of Koch Filter’s value added services, Larry also conducted training classes with all McLaren technicians so that they would be better prepared to perform self-assessments moving forward.


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