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Koch Filter's All Product Bulletin K-APB-5 features the most comprehensive filtration products line of air filtration products for commercial, industrial, hospital, gas turbine and paint filtration applications.

C&I Disposable Filters
Made-to-Order Special Size Commercial and Industrial Disposable Panel Filters

Koch Special Size Commercial & Industrial Disposable Panels are economical air filters designed for light-to-medium duty air filtration applications. Koch C&I Disposables are constructed for high performance and durability.

Fiberglass Media - Standard C&I Disposables are constructed with high grade progressively dense glass fibers. The air entry side is composed of open coarse fibers, while the air exit side is made up of tighter fibers. This dual density media configuration allows for proper depth loading and full utilization of the filter media. Each fiber is coated with a non-migrating adhesive to enhance filter performance.

Polyester Media - C&I Disposables are also available with optional polyester filter media, a dual-layered high performance media for applications where synthetic filter media is specified.

Synthetic Air Filter Media
Synthetic Air Filter Rolls & Pads

Koch Filter Corporation offers 10 styles of Synthetic Air Filter Media designed for use on air filtration systems of all types. Koch also offers multiple styles of Fiberglass Air Filter Media for applications where a glass media is preferred. This broad spectrum of products is designed for use in Koch Pad Holding Frames, and is also available in bulk rolls for customers preferring to cut their own pads.

Supergrade Fiberglass
Fiberglass Air Filter Media Rolls and Pads

Koch Supergrade Fiberglass Air Filter Media is available in a wide range of pad and roll sizes. Because all air filtration systems are different, one standard media cannot meet every requirement. With three media depths to choose from it is possible to find the right media for any fiberglass application. Contact your Koch representative for recommendations on your system.

Automatic Roll Filters
Automatic Roll Filters

Koch Automatic Rolls are available in two grades of glass fiber media (GD, GHD), and three grades of synthetic media (P, ST, and MD). All five styles consist of progressively dense media and adhesive to enhance dust holding capacity. A full-width integral scrim backing on every roll provides protection against "necking" and fiber break-off. Koch Automatic Rolls are available with cores to fit, without modification, all popular brands of original equipment including AAF, Farr, BLC, Continental and many others.

Permanent Metal Washable Filters
Metal Washable Filters

Steel Construction - Koch All-Steel Filters are designed for a wide range of uses and can be used 300-600 FPM. The media consists of crimped wire and expanded metal cloth which provides superior dust catching ability. This media is enclosed in a durable metal frame.Koch Steel Filters are completely washable and are available in a wide range of sizes in depths of 1", 2" and 4". They are offered with or without handles.

Aluminum Construction - Koch All-Aluminum Filters offer all the advantages of the standard metal filter with the added advantage of being extremely lightweight. The filters consist of aluminum cloth secured by expanded aluminum mesh. This media has excellent dirt holding properties because of its large surface area. A durable all-aluminum frame encloses the media and provides long lasting support for the filter. They are totally washable and are available in a wide range of sizes in depths of 1", 2" and 4".



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