MicroMAX PL6™


MicroMAX PL6™

MicroMAX PL6™

The MicroMAX PL6™ is an extended surface, mini-pleat air filter engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter lifecycles in all types of commercial and industrial HVAC applications.


  • MERV 11-15 performance rating
  • Compact design saves space
  • Durable plastic frame
  • Reduces freight and handling
  • Incinerable
  • Antimicrobial media available


All-Plastic Compact Design

The MicroMAX PL6 is manufactured in a 6" deep, durable plastic frame designed to replace almost any 12" competitive high efficiency filter.  The lightweight all-plastic frame installs easily into side-access housings or front-load holding frames and is an ideal choice to replace bag filters and other heavier box-style rigid filters.  The lightweight, compact design also helps lower shipping costs and the need for excess inventory space.  It is also a preferred choice in applications where incineration is the desired means of disposal.


Dual-Density Filter Media

The media used in MicroMAX PL6 mini-pleat filters is composed of micro-fiberglass paper, treated with a specially-formulated, water-repellent binder. Millions of fibers are constructed into a graded density mat, with coarse fibers upstream and finer fibers on the air-exiting side. This dual-density media combined with a mini-pleat design ensures full media utilization, which results in higher dust holding capacity and extended filter life in a compact configuration.

The MicroMAX PL6 is also available with antimicrobial-treated media.


Great Performance in a Compact Design

The MicroMAX PL6 offers the same media square footage and comparable performance of normal 12" final filters, but in a compact design.  The MicroMAX PL6 mini-pleat media pack utilizes thermoplastic glue-bead separators to ensure consistent media spacing and aerodynamic airflow.


MicroMAX PL6 Product Information

Engineering Specifications


  1. General
    1. Filter shall be MicroMax PL6 filter as manufactured by Koch Filter Corporation.
    2. Filter shall be available in a nominal depth of 6".
    3. Filter shall be classified per UL Standard 900.
    4. Special sizes are not available.
  2. Filter Construction and Materials
    1. Media shall be wet-laid, gradient density, micro-fiberglass with hot melt adhesive beads to maintain pleat uniformity and spacing.
    2. Frame shall be made of 100% high impact polystyrene.
    3. Frame shall have a built in header on all four sides of the air entering side of the filter.
    4. Filter media pack shall be sealed to the frame using solid polyurethane.
    5. Gasket options are available.
  3. Filter Performance
    1. Filter shall be available as a MERV 11, 13 or 14 when tested in accordance with 
    2. ASHRAE 52.2-2007.
    3. Filter shall have an initial pressure drop of .58" w.g. MERV 14, .56" w.g. MERV 13, or 
    4. .44" w.g. MERV 11 @ a flow of 500 fpm (+/- 10% per A. R. I. Standard).
    5. Filter shall be rated to withstand a continuous operating temperature up to 
    6. 175 degrees F. or 82 degrees C.
    7. Filter shall have a recommended final pressure drop of 1.5" w. g.
    8. Filter shall have a maximum burst pressure of 10.0" w. g.
    9. Filter may be installed with the pleats in either a vertical or horizontal position.


Additional Technical Information


  1. Width and height dimensions are interchangeable. MicroMAX PL filters can be installed with the pleats in either direction.
  2. Performance data is based on ASHRAE Test Standards 52.2-2007.
  3. UL Rating – Classified per Underwriters Laboratories Standard 900.
  4. Maximum operating temperature – 175 degrees F. (82 degrees C.)
  5. Gasket options available.
  6. MicroMAX PL6 filters can be operated up to 125% of rated filter face velocity.
  7. Other media options are available. Please contact factory



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