Multi-Pleat™ GT

Multi-Pleat™ GT


Multi-Pleat™ GT

MERV 8 Pleated Panel Air Filters for Gas Turbine Applications

  • Upgraded performance and efficiency
  • MERV 8 performance rating
  • Upstream support fingers for improved stability
  • Wet-strength beverage-board frame construction
  • Heavy-duty expanded metal support grid

The Koch Multi-Pleat™ GT pleated air filter offers upgraded prefilter performance in gas turbine applications.

Multi-Pleat GT filters are specifically designed for use as a prefilter in gas turbine applications to help extend the life of more expensive final filters. Durable and efficient, the Multi-Pleat GT is an ideal choice for many gas turbine applications.

Low pressure drop/high efficiency 

The Multi-Pleat GT carries a MERV 8 fractional performance rating in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2007 and has an initial pressure drop of less than .25" water gage. This combination of performance and low resistance to airflow make it a superior upgrade to conventional pleated filters and media pads.

Durable construction

The Multi-Pleat GT is constructed of a double wall, wet-strength beverage-board frame with reinforced corners. The MERV 8 synthetic media is laminated to heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized wire to form a rigid media pack. The media pack is bonded to all sides of the frame ensuring consistent pleat configuration and total media utilization. This bond helps promote durability during its service life and helps to eliminate the possibility of air bypass. Two rows of pleat stabilizing fingers on the upstream side help maintain pleat spacing in difficult conditions.

Multi-Pleat™ GT Technical Data


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