Multi-Pleat™ GT-HD

Multi-Pleat™ GT-HD


Multi-Pleat™ GT-HD 

Heavy-Duty Pleated Panel Air Filters for Gas Turbine Applications

  • MERV 8 performance rating (ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2007)
  • Superior performance
  • Two synthetic media options
  • Durable .056” beverage-board frame construction
  • Heavy-duty expanded metal backing
  • Inserts available for pad holding frames
  • Engineered versatility

The Multi-Pleat™GT-HD is a heavy-duty pleated panel filter designed for use in gas turbine applications where filter durability and extended life are of primary concern.

The Multi-Pleat GT-HD pleated air filter is designed with extended filter life to offer superior performance in the most extreme conditions. Its heavy-duty construction helps to insure product stability, high dust holding capacity, and low pressure drop in many gas turbine applications.

Heavy-duty construction

The Multi-Pleat GT-HD uses a heavy .056”beverage-board frame, which is twice as thick as normal pleated filters on the market. The heavier frame helps maintain the filter’s integrity throughout its service life, even in high moisture applications. High-loft synthetic media is bonded to a rust resistant heavy-duty expanded metal backing which helps maintain the pleat structure to ensure full media utilization during operation.

Two media options 

To meet the wide variety of applications found in today’s gas turbine systems, Multi-Pleat GT-HD is available with two media alternatives. The standard media, GT-HD1, provides an excellent combination of efficiency, low resistance to airflow, and high dust holding capacity. The upgrade option, GT-HD3, is an ideal choice for applications where even longer filter life and higher efficiencies are required.

Both medias are available in unframed “media-only” elements upon request.

Multi-Pleat™ GT-HD Technical Information



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