Permanent Metal Washable Filters

Permanent Metal Washable Filters


Permanent Metal Washable Filters

  • For air or grease applications
  • Available in all-steel or all-aluminum construction
  • Completely washable

Steel Construction

Koch Type MS all-steel filters are designed for a wide range of uses and can be used 300–600 FPM. The media consists of crimped wire and expanded metal cloth which provides superior dust catching ability and a life cycle up to four times longer than conventional filters. This media is enclosed in a durable metal frame. 

Koch Type MS Filters are completely washable and are available in a wide range of sizes in depths of 1", 2" and 4". They are offered with or without handles.


Aluminum Construction

Koch Type MA all-aluminum filters offer all the advantages of the standard metal filter with the added advantage of being extremely lightweight. The filters consist of aluminum cloth secured by expanded aluminum mesh. This media has excellent dirt holding properties because of its large surface area. A durable all-aluminum frame encloses the media and provides longlasting support for the filter. They are totally washable and are available in a wide range of sizes in depths of 1", 2" and 4".


General Data

Application - Both steel and aluminum filters can be operated at twice the CFM capacities listed above, with corresponding increases in pressure drop.

Cleaning - Simply wash away dirt with hose or soapy water. Recoat with adhesive spray before re-using.

Application  - Filters are furnished without handles, but both bail and ring types are available upon request.


Permanent Metal Washable Filters Info


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