SprayStop S™

SprayStop S™

SprayStop S™

Standard Capacity Synthetic Overspray Media

SprayStop S is designed for applications where high initial efficiency is required to control overspray emissions.


  • excellent paint arrestor for all types of liquid coating materials
  • effectively removes overspray solids from lacquers, air dry enamels, and thermo-reactive coatings.
  • economical alternative to paper/poly style products
  • protects against contamination and provides maximum control of overspray discharge over a wide range of coating materials.
  • full depth loading provides up to 99.8% removal efficiency, with a service life longer than most high capacity products.


SprayStop S has a white air-entering layer, while the downstream is tinted green to ensure correct installation. SprayStop S utilizes an exclusive media configuration composed of multi-denier synthetic fibers. These fibers are arranged in a progressively dense configuration, coarse on the air entering and becoming finer toward the air exiting side of the media. The binders used in SprayStop S are acrylic; no harmful halogens are utilized.

Optional Configurations

SprayStop S is available in thick pre-cut pads or blankets, service rolls, and economical bulk rolls. The DUO-CUBE, in single pocket style, and DUO-PAK versions, in two or three pocket styles, are available in all standard sizes in 10" or 15" depths.


Product Performance Data


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