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Koch Filter Corporation BioMAX HEPA Filters are designed to provide the highest level of filtration available for commercial and industrial applications. They are widely used in hospitals, clean rooms, pharmaceutical plants, and in hundreds of other systems where clean air is critical in the protection of people, processes and equipment. BioMAX HEPA Filters are constructed using the highest quality components available and are available in efficiencies of 99.97%, 99.99% and 99.999% on 0.3 micron particles. Standard construction BioMAX HEPA Filters are manufactured with galvanized steel cell sides (UL Class 1) or particle board cell sides (UL Class 2). Multiple cell side options are also available.


For Critical Applicataions - BioMAX™ CS is a compact size minipleat HEPA filter designed to meet the stringent requirements of today's clean room applications. BioMAX CS filters are engineered to provide the optimum combination of efficiency and airflow. They are used in a wide range of applications, including pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, biotech laboratories and other environments where control and removal of airborne contaminants is of paramount importance in the protection of people, processes, and equipment.

BioMAX™ CS BioMAX V2000

High Capacity Minipleat HEPA Filters Neoprene Gasket Seal

  • High Capacity design (300 sq.ft. of media in a 24x24x12" frame) enables the filter to operate at 500 FPM with initial resistance of 1.20" W.G.
  • Standard models are furnished with the gasket on the downstream face of the filter. Gaskets can be placed upstream or on both sides of the filter upon request.
  • Constructed with ten individual minipleat packs secured in a specially-designed sheet aluminum v-bank frame.
BioMAX™ HEPA 95% DOP BioMAX HEPA Filters 95% DOP

Bridges the gap between ASHRAE and HEPA efficiencies.

BioMAX™ HEPA High Temperature BioMAX HEPA Filters - High Temperature

BioMAX High Temperature HEPA Filters are specially-designed for use in systems with above-normal operational temperatures. Several models are available. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-757-5624


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