MicroSafe Antimicrobial Treatment
MicroSafe Antimicrobial-Treated Air Filters are designed for effective control of molds, bacteria, mildew and other airborne microorganisms.
Features of the antimicrobial treatment used in MicroSafe Air Filters
  • Provides long-term, effective control of microorganisms which are commonly associated with building health problems.
  • Non-migrating. It will not leach, off-gas or volatize.
  • Controls the growth of microorganisms on the air filter surface and has been shown in laboratory testing to lower microbial contamination in recirculated air.
  • Permanently bonds to the filter fibers to form a new durable antimicrobial surface.
  • Does not exhibit significant loss of activity over the normal lifecycle of the filter
  • •In extensive testing has never been shown to allow or cause microbial adaptation or resistance. •Has a nearly twenty-year history of safe effective use in solving microbial contamination problems in buildings.
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