Portable HEPA Air Cleaners Overview
Envirco IsoClean CM
A new offering in portable HEPA air filtration for larger applications. The IsoClean CM is a portable, in-room air cleaning system that significantly improves indoor air quality. Each unit comes equipped with a MERV 8 prefilter and a high-capacity HEPA filter.

Envirco IsoClean 400
Portable HEPA air filtration designed for a range of applications such as classrooms, gyms, waiting rooms, and more.
IsoClean FM
low profile filtration system designed to easily and economically deliver clean air in commercial, educational and healthcare environments. The unit intakes dirty air and discharges in six directions.
Envirco IsoClean 800
Portable, self-contained high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system designed to easily and economically create a negative pressure isolation room/environment that will meet OSHA and CDC TB guidelines. The IsoClean 800 can be used as a positive pressure clean air recirculating system in clinics, waiting rooms, hospital emergency rooms and other confined areas or as a partial or complete exhausting system to create a negative pressure isolation room for possible use with patients known or suspected of having TB, SARS or other infectious diseases.