Commercial Applications


Studies have shown that IAQ has a direct impact on employee health. According to the EPA, poor air quality can increase illness risks. The EPA estimates that poor IAQ costs U.S. businesses billions of dollars each year.

According to the National Air Filtration Association, “Facility managers should always look to air filtration and cleaning as the best way to protect health and safety of the occupants in a facility by removing contaminants from the air.”

Commercial air filtration also benefits the following:

  • - Helps reduce the chance of sick building syndrome
  • - Reduces interior maintenance associated with staining and cleaning
  • - Eliminates fire hazards by removing lint and other materials in ductwork
  • - Helps remove airborne bacteria
  • - Protects against build-up on heating/cooling coils
  • - Reduces particle sizes that can cause short circuiting in microchips
  • - Removes contaminants that can become respiratory irritants

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