Swine Applications


It is important to maintain a PRRS negative herd. Any means to prevent aerosol transmission of these agents is important. One important approach is in the application of air filtration systems.

The v-bank style filters work by interception — particles adhere to the fibers of the filter and become trapped. Using pre-filters helps in capture large particles, extending the life of the main filter (commonly a DuraMAX 4vS-16....Merv 16 rating). The DuraMAX 4vS-16 filter is designed to capture very small particles that carry pathogens such as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus. Utilizing air filtration to minimize the transmission of aerosol viruses offers a good return on investment.

Koch Filter manufactures an barrier air filtration option for the limitation of PRRS.

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Pre-Filters for Swine Applications
Final Filters for Swine Applications