Clean Room


Clean rooms are highly controlled environments where the air quality is monitored to ensure the extreme standards of cleanliness levels required for the manufacture of pharmaceutical, electronic and healthcare goods are met. These stringent standards usually require high fresh air rates, extensive filtering, temperature and humidity control.

To ensure that a clean room is capable of reaching the desired cleanliness levels it is extremely important that the supply air into the clean room is filtered using EPA/HEPA/ULPA filters that conform and are certified to EN1822:2009. EN1822:2009 is the standard that governs high efficiency air filters.

In clean rooms it is important that the cleanliness of the room is maintained to ensure there is no disruption to the manufacturing process and it is for this reason that it is important to understand the lifetime of your HEPA filter. Just like other air filters the lifetime of a HEPA filter depends on the operating conditions of the HVAC system.

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