Products Overview
Extended surface pleated panel filters offer high dust holding capacity and affordability.
Pleated Filters
Koch Filter Corporation offers several rigid frame, medium and high efficiency cell filters.
Rigid Filters
Koch Filter offers the BioMAX line of high efficiency filters for contaminant free air required in many industrial. medical and pharmecuetical applications.
HEPA Filters
Koch Filter offers light duty, and high efficiency carbon based filters as well as high efficiency gas phased filtration.
Carbon and Gas Phase Filters
BioMAX fan filter units for critical clean air environments.
Fan Filter Units
Multi-Sak bag filters
Multi-Sak Filters
Commercial and Industrial Disposable Filters in Fiberglass or Polyester media.
Disposable Filters
Koch Filter offers a full range of Duo-Cube, DuoPak and other internally supported cartridge filters.
Cube and Pocket Filters
Air Bear product line offered by the Koch Filter team
Air Bear Products
Koch Filter offers a full line of OEM nanopleat, bag and cartridge filters for turbomachinery, dust collection, and general air makeup. Koch offers replacement cartridge filters for all popular makes.
Industrial Cartridge Filters Dust Collection
Industrial Cartridge Filters for Gas Turbine Applications
Industrial Cartridge Filters Gas Turbine
high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems
Portable HEPA Air Cleaners
Koch Filter offices the Maxi-Grid line of internally-supported panel filters. MG200, MG300, MG400, MG550, Slip-On Sleeves, Link Panels.
Maxi-Grid Panel Filters
OEM Automatic Roll Replacement Filters
Automatic Roll Filters
Koch Filter offers a complete line of pads, blankets and bulk rolls.
Bulk and Media Pads
Koch Filter offers filter frames and housings for the ASHRAE and HEPA filters.
Frames and Housings
paint Spray Booth Filters, Paint Arrestors & Accessories
Paint Spray Booth