Site Survey


Site surveys are an important step in understanding the overall health of your building. Not only do they help to define deficiencies in the mechanical processes, but they can also keep you up to date on evolving media technologies. Often times, simple changes can result in cost savings in product, energy consumption and labor.

Some of the most common inspection key indicators include: analyzing any filter damage as well as cleanliness, proper installation, leaks or signs of air bypass, damage to filter frames and proper filter assembly. A more in depth site survey will help determine: improper choice of air filtration, air filter upgrades if applicable, cleanliness of the air handler and duct work, the frequency need for air filter change outs, the presence of harmful contaminants and a game plan for filtering.

Site surveys should be conducted by a Certified Air Filtration representative that is recognized by NAFA (National Air Filtration Association). Koch Filter Regional Sales Managers carry this certification.

Need a site survey?

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