Data Applications


Data centers require maintaining proper temperature and filtered air flow to make a difference in the life of your equipment. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) helps reduce your costs in keeping them running smoothly. Data centers require maintaining a cool airflow. The cost can be expensive and even more so in hotter climates.

Dirty equipment forces the machines to work harder, and are more apt to break down and then require increased maintenance. High pollution levels cause corrosion on circuitry including circuit boards, especially in older machines, as well as in solder joints and conductive passageways. Poor air quality also can be detrimental to the health of the data center’s staff.

Well-maintained Data Center HVAC equipment is a must. That’s why high quality, custom commercial air filters for particulate matter and gaseous contaminant removal can make a world of difference

Koch Filter manufactures filters with data centers in mind. Our filters are UL rated and available in a variety of sizes.

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