Credit Request

Credit Request

Dear Customers:

In an effort to seek improvements in our credit process, we would like to bring to your attention that effective April 1st 2020 we will require all customers to follow the new credit procedure defined below. In order to ensure prompt credit approval please adhere to this policy. Failure to do so will result in a rejection to your claim.

Credit Form
The attached credit form will be required to be filled out and submitted to Koch Filter inbox
  • We will require one credit form per customer invoice
  • Response to your credit claim will be provided within 7 business day from day of submission

Your credit will be considered only if the below requirements are followed:
  • For shipping discrepancies or carrier loss, credit form must be submitted within 3 business days from delivery with signed POD stating shortage or damage
  • For pricing discrepancies, credit form must be submitted within 30 business days from shipment


Microsoft Word
Credit Request Process
Credit Request Form

Credit Request Process
Credit Request Form


All claims must be sent accompanied with required documentation to the following address:

Koch Filter Management