Hogs Hair
Hogshair Media is composed of organic fibers that have been curled and coated with a special resin, then baked together at a high temperature. The result of this process is a tough and springy, thoroughly bonded, nearly rigid air filtration medium.

Besides its cut-to-size advantage over disposable panel filters, the Koch Hogshair Media is also more durable, easier to handle and install.
It has a very high dust-holding capacity, offers inventory convenience and economy, and is washable for repeat use. Easy to handle and install.

Excellent alternative to disposable panel filters.
Koch Hogshair Media is lightweight, so you can carry several cut filters or even a roll to the job site.
There are no fiberglass slivers or oil to make handling uncomfortable.

Installation is easier too.
The Hogshair Media can be bent or twisted to facilitate installation.
Once in place,it springs back to its original shape, ready for operation.

Saves Space on HVAC Service Trucks.
Standard and most popular sub-standard size filters can be made with a single cut from standard size rolls, which saves space on service trucks compared to conventional disposable air filters.
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