KDF 600
  • Test Air Flow = 400 CFM
  • Initial Pressure Drop @ 100 FPM= 0.21" wg
  • Recommended Final Resistance = 1.0" wg
  • Fractional Efficiency @ 5 microns = 99.9% Initial
  • Fractional Efficiency @ 10 microns = 100% Initial
  • Filter Construction = 100% Bonded Synthetic media with tackifier
  • Basis Weight = 580gsm

KDF 600 diffusion media is designed for use in downdraft type spraybooths where superior fractional efficiency and controlled laminar airflow is required for blemish-free finishes.

KDF 600 media utilizes a progressively dense fiber matrix enhanced with a specially formulated adhesive coating to provide exceptional performance in surface finishing operations.
This formula prevents particle migration and creates unparalleled holding capacity, superior to other diffusion medias.

KDF 600 media will improve FIRST PASS CAPABILITY and REDUCE REJECTS, which will improve overall operational efficiency, saving time and money. Initial efficiency ratings of 99.9% @ 5 microns, and 100% @ 10 microns make the KDF 600 ideally suited to provide world-class filtration demanded by customers today.

KDF 600 media is available in master rolls, slit rolls, blankets, and cross-wire panels to fit all conventional downdraft spraybooths.
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